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WBIR-TV: Study, Gut instincts predict marriage success

Michael Olson, associate professor of psychology, was interviewed on WBIR-TV about his recent research which finds that spouses’ automatic attitudes, not their more thoughtfully held conscious attitudes, are a good predictor of marital satisfaction. It is the first study to look at the long-term implication of automatic attitudes—positive or negative thoughts, feelings or actions that

Business Analytics Expert Coming in February 2014; Registration Now Open

Leading firms are now using data analytics to drive their business strategies, make critical decisions, and compete through their analytical prowess. Tom Davenport, one of the world’s renowned experts and thought leaders on knowledge management, data analytics, and business processes, will conduct an interactive half-day seminar at UT on February 7 on how businesses can

Voice of America: Crocodiles, Alligators May Lure Prey with Sticks

The research of Vladimir Dinets, a research assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, has been featured in multiple media outlets including CNN,  Voice of America and Science magazine. Dinets’ work observes two crocodilian species—muggers and American alligators—using twigs and sticks to lure birds, particularly during nest-building time. Dinets’ research is the first report of