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Learn Business Etiquette This Week

Professional etiquette decisions, at times, can be puzzling, and the consequences of making an inappropriate decision can have lasting, negative effects. Employee and Organizational Development’s "Business Etiquette: More Than Just Good Manners" seminar, 8:30 a.m. tomorrow in the UT Conference Center Building, will address a variety of etiquette issues while providing guidelines for making proper

Switch Your Thinking! Here’s Why

"The Switch Your Thinking campaign unveiled last week sets an ambitious goal for our campus—a 10 percent reduction in the amount of energy we use over the course of this fiscal year," says UT Knoxville Interim Chancellor Jan Simek. "This call to action asks four simple things of all Knoxville-area employees—turn off lights, computers, power

Switch Your Thinking

It’s time to Switch Your Thinking about energy. This academic year, UT Knoxville is calling on all faculty and staff to reduce energy consumption on campus. In a region where much of our energy comes from burning coal, using less energy means cleaner air and a greener planet. It may also mean a little relief

UT Baker Center Collaborates with Deloitte on Study of Public Perspectives Shaping U.S. Energy Future

Deloitte and the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy at UT Knoxville have released a collaborative new study titled “Power from Perspective: Potential Future United States Energy Portfolios.” The extensive study, unveiled today at a press conference and discussion forum at the Baker Center, identifies and explores seven distinct public perspectives shaping our