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An instructor leads a yoga class under a tent.

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Human Resources and the Center for Health Education and Wellness offer opportunities for faculty and staff to cultivate personal and community well-being through Be Well. The initiative’s programs and events vary from healthy gardening to sleeping well.

“Knowing that well-being is a pursuit and multidimensional, our work is centered around the eight dimensions of wellness,” said Yusof Al-Wadei, assistant director of CHEW. “We continuously work to develop resources and information for each dimension of wellness and ensure that they are relevant to our campus community. We are at an exciting stage where we can build on the momentum of our previous success to develop new initiatives and partnerships to meet the needs of our campus.”

Be Well Programs

Healthy Lifestyle Program

The Healthy Lifestyle Program aims to help UT personnel create healthier lives through physical activity, proper nutrition and healthy habits. In these lunch-and-learn sessions, participants learn about current health and wellness recommendations, setting individual goals and working to achieve them based on their current levels of engagement. Over the course of the program, participants learn skill sets that will help them meet their goals and adopt a healthy lifestyle as part of their daily routine.

Healthy Gardening Classes

The healthy gardening classes are designed to empower faculty and staff to take control of their nutrition. With the help of professionals from UT Gardens, employees learn the basic skills necessary to easily grow fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables at home.

Sleep Well

Adequate sleep is associated with numerous benefits including increased productivity and concentration, lower risk of heart disease and stronger immune health. Be Well’s sleep web page offers tips for improving your sleep.

Walking Sessions

Be Well encourages employees to lace up their walking shoes and get moving with the campus community. Walking sessions offer the opportunity to connect with colleagues from different departments, enjoy some fresh air and boost overall well-being. Upcoming walking sessions can be found on the Be Well website.

Campus Walking Routes

The campus walking routes were created with the help of employee wellness champions. Note: Distances listed are approximate and route availability may change due to construction.

Employees can request a presentation on any of Be Well’s initiatives or receive more information about wellness programs by emailing


Maggie Palmer (865-974-3993,