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As industries increasingly change over into advanced manufacturing, universities are adapting to provide graduates who can fill the new, specialized positions being created. 

UT is at the forefront of that wave, with several Governor’s Chairs across the Tickle College of Engineering, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Architecture and Design helping lead the charge in advanced manufacturing, materials, and techniques. 

Education Dive, a magazine devoted to looking inside higher education, has taken notice, citing UT as an example of a school that “gets” the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape and has tailored classes accordingly. 

In a story looking at how universities approach advanced manufacturing, Education Dive looked at one particular team of universities that UT belongs to that is focused on new techniques, noting:

“we need to have more people learning in the context of which they’re going to learn these things to properly develop the skills.”

The full story can be read at Advanced Manufacturing