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Joshua Fu

The Air Quality and Climate Group in UT’s Tickle College of Engineering recently found a way to speed up modeling of earth systems—a critical step in improving air quality prediction of ground-level ozone, one of six key pollutants identified by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Led by Professor Joshua Fu, Research Professor John Drake, and doctoral student Jian Sun, all of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the group identified that current models are not efficient enough to do timely large-scale studies of ozone concentrations.

“We are so excited to have brought about significant improvements of computational performance and predication ability,” said Fu.

Fu explained that better prediction ability can lead to real-time adjustments that will help enhance efforts to improve air quality for both the general public and for crop production.

He noted that the increased performance will also allow researchers to better study and understand the effects of ozone in a timely manner.

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