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Jack Dongarra
Jack Dongarra

For only the second time since rankings began, the United States does not have a computer ranked in the top three of the world’s fastest. 

The Top 500 list, compiled in part by Tickle College of Engineering Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Jack Dongarra, is led by two Chinese machines and a Swiss machine. 

Titan, housed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was once again the top computer in the U.S., coming in fourth place with a speed of 17.6 petaflops per second, far behind TaihuLight, the No. 1 computer, and its 93 petaflops. One petaflop is equal to performing a quadrillion calculations per second.

“It requires a massive effort to put in place technology that leads to the world’s number one machine,” Dongarra told Sputnik News.

He noted that China had put massive resources in computing in recent years and is now well ahead of the U.S. in hardware and technology. 

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