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UT Recycling and the Office of Sustainability will host an art show 6:00–10:00 p.m. Friday, April 15, to raise awareness and engage the community in sustainability efforts in the Knoxville area.

The show, Sustainability: The Art Show, is at the Fluorescent Gallery, 627 N. Central Street.

All installations have been created by UT students and are made of salvaged materials. Featured artists include Emily Davidson, Dan Hood, Jordan Kear, Erin Lynch, Alexa Macri, Matt Miller, Asafe Pereira, Colleen Prokop, Amy Richards, Nathan Sulfaro, and Kate Turnbull.

Here’s a preview of a few of the artists and their pieces:

Jordan Kear will show two tables made of reclaimed wood from a dilapidated barn estimated to have been built around 1910.

“The materials have already served a crucial task and are now being recycled into functional pieces of furniture,” Kear said. “The ability to reuse materials and scraps into useful objects is a great art to practice and great for the environment.”

Erin Lynch’s scrap metal sculpture is made out of secondhand thin metal. Its perforations were made by a water jet cutter. Fishing wire was wrapped around the piece, creating a reflective mass.

The Ocoee, a film by Matt Miller, shows the water of the Ocoee River as it travels through the natural and manmade structures. The waterway has been dammed to produce hydroelectric power and for commercial whitewater rafting.

The event will be zero waste, and the first twenty-five people to attend will receive a zero waste kit from UT Recycling. Screenprinted totes also will be available. Local in-season refreshments will be served.


Sarah A. Murray, outreach coordinator (865-974-3480;