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The College of Law recently launched a graduate certificate in contractual and legal affairs in engineering and construction, offered in conjunction with the College of Engineering.

Students can begin their studies toward the graduate certificate in fall 2016.

The 15-credit-hour graduate certificate is designed to give lawyers a background in construction and engineering and to give engineers and construction professionals a background in law, specifically contract law. Both fields overlap substantially, from the planning and contracting stages through project implementation and contract administration, sometimes ending in formal dispute resolution proceedings. In such an environment, a broad range of knowledge in both fields is not only desirable but may be critical to a firm’s or project’s success.

“Our graduate certificate program is an invaluable opportunity for interdisciplinary learning and instruction at the College of Law,” said Alex B. Long, associate dean for academic affairs and professor of law. “Law students will gain a greater perspective by taking classes with engineering students and individuals currently working in the construction field. Plus, students who acquire the certificate will be able to market themselves more effectively to employers in a society where construction engineering is a powerful force in our economy.”

Wayne Davis, dean of the College of Engineering, said the certificate program “presents our graduate students a chance to begin their careers with an additional advantage that most people in their field won’t have.

“Civil engineering in general and construction in particular will always be in-demand areas, and this chance to finish with a certificate in conjunction with our law school will just enhance their opportunities, the reputation of our students, and the reputation of our colleges,” he said.

To participate in the program, a student must be currently enrolled in the College of Law or graduate student in the College of Engineering. Others wishing to pursue the graduate certificate must first apply and be admitted to the UT Graduate School. Apply to the Graduate School.




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