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The Memphis Daily News talked to Assistant Professor Daniel Costinett of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science about UT’s efforts as part of the Google Little Box Challenge.

Costinett, UT graduate students, other faculty members in the department and the Electric Power Research Institute got together on the project to make the smallest, most efficient two-kilowatt inverter possible as part of Google’s context.

The team is now one of 18 finalists for the $1 million prize, and just one of three teams from the United States. The winner will be announced in January.

“I fortunately had this great group of students,” Costinett told the paper. “Many times I’d be down in lab until 1 a.m., and students were there with me. There were plenty of weeks when we put in around 100 hours a week. The level of drive and commitment was great.”

The story can be read here