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The American Nuclear Society has honored UT alumnus, adjunct professor, and longtime supporter Hash Hashemian with one of its highest awards, selecting his team as the Robert L. Long Training Excellence winner for 2015.

“This award is humbling but gratifying,” said Hashemian. “It is validation of the effort we put in to preparing the nuclear workforce for the current challenges and for those yet to come.”

AMS Corporation training management team
The American Nuclear Society recently honored the AMS team of Chad Kiger (standing; left to right), Hash Hashemian, Brent Shumaker, and Ryan O’Hagan (sitting) with the Robert L. Long Training Excellence award for 2015.

The award recognizes an individual or group that has demonstrated sustained excellence in nuclear training.

Hashemian was chosen for both his teaching in UT’s Department of Nuclear Engineering and through his role as president of Analysis and Measurement Services (AMS).

One the leading nuclear technology companies in the country, AMS began in 1977 when Hashemian and former nuclear engineering department head Tom Kerlin co-founded the company to aid the industry with testing and problem solving.

In the almost thirty years since, the Knoxville-based company has grown to become a vital player in the nuclear industry in the United States, serving every nuclear power plant in the country as well as some overseas.

Richard Coe, chairman of the ANS honors awards committee for the group’s Education, Training and Workforce Development Division, extended his congratulations to Hashemian, along with an invitation to the ANS winter meeting in Washington, DC, on November 9.

Nominations for the award must come from other members or groups in the organization, highlighting the respect Hashemian has earned from his peers.

“To be honored is nice enough, but when it comes from the recognition of the people you work with it makes it all the more special,” said Hashemian.


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