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The Center for Transportation Research is helping launch a Knox County–wide outreach program, and they are looking to the UT community to help spread the word.

The Knoxville Area Scavenger Hunt (KASH) is being held to help encourage middle and high school students in the area to learn more about and better use public transportation.

Teams will use the Knoxville Area Transit system to travel around the area and complete various tasks from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 12, with the chance to earn prizes along the way, including a Laser Quest party for ten for the winning team.

“This is a good way for UT to not only help make the next generation of students more aware of transportation options in town, but also to help the environment at the same time,” said Tammy Enix, CTR research associate.

In addition to UT and KAT, Club VIBES (Visually Impaired/Blind Enhanced Services)—a group of volunteers who help visually impaired youth transition into independent adult living—is also taking part, bringing a further social benefit to the event.

Through mentoring, Club VIBES volunteers teach independent living skills and provide members with educational activities that model, develop, and reinforce social and leadership skills.

The registration fee of $10 a person is waived for the first ten teams to register. Registered participants receive a T-shirt and goody bag. Registration closes June 2.



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