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Ever wonder what happened to all those old, boxy desktop computers, or the big grey cell phones with telescoping antennae?

Unfortunately, many of these now defective or obsolete electronics have made their way into landfills across the globe. Often associated with health risks to local populations, this material, termed e-waste, has become a growing international concern.

UT Recycling offers a way for faculty and staff to recycle everyday office e-waste such as small batteries, printer cartridges, and electronics.

To recycle small electronic items like broken mice, CDs, and hard drives, simply place the items inside a campus mail envelope, indicate “Recycling” as the recipient, and then send it through campus mail.

Batteries should not be included in the same envelope with electronics and printer cartridges, and rechargeable batteries should have a strip of tape place over the negative and positive ends. Please do not send cracked, leaking, or otherwise damaged batteries through campus mail.

Likewise, toner cartridges should be mailed separately from small electronics and batteries. To recycle toner cartridges through campus mail, place spent cartridges in their original box, address to “Recycling,” and place in the campus mail pickup location for your department.

Note that all electronic items recycled through campus mail must be small enough to fit into a campus mail envelope.

UT Recycling uses a third-party certified electronics recycler to ensure sensitive materials are destroyed and items are handled responsibly.

Certain rules and exceptions apply to different types of electronics, so consult the complete set of guidelines for electronic waste recycling through campus mail at the UT Recycling website before sending.

Items larger than a campus mail envelope may be dropped off at the public recycling location outside Dock 25 of the Facilities Warehouse at 2121 Stephenson Drive.

For more information, contact UT Recycling at or 974-3480.