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cleanupAre surplus equipment, used furniture, trash, and recyclables stacking up around your office? The annual Spring Cleanup kicks off Monday, March 16, giving campus departments a chance to tidy up.

Facilities Services and UT Warehousing are dedicating resources to support the cleanup again this year to make it easier to move items out of buildings. Staff from Facilities Services will go building by building to help simplify the process. Computer and laboratory equipment, furniture, office supplies, paper files, and more can be recycled, discarded, or sent to UT Warehousing.

The cleanup will begin with Stokely Management Center and the Science and Engineering Research Facility (SERF) March 16–27, and will continue through July to include most academic buildings. Cleanup will pause for the month of May while Facilities Services moves furniture and equipment from the University Center. See a complete schedule here. Academic units will be reminded of their upcoming cleanup dates via e-mail, and updates and schedule reminders will also appear in Tennessee Today.

Look for signs near your building and in your office areas as your cleanup date approaches.

Preparing for the cleanup

To prepare for your assigned cleanup, complete and submit the applicable forms to UT Warehousing one week before your cleanup begins. Submit forms to the fax number listed on the form.

For more information on the Spring Cleanup, contact Dennis Lee at 974-7748.