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ShimaMohebbiDiscoverE has selected UT industrial engineering student Shima Mohebbi one of its nominees to New Faces of Engineering for 2015.

The award recognizes people thirty years old and younger who have shown outstanding abilities and leadership in engineering and who DiscoverE feels are bringing a new perspective to their particular field and having a definitive impact on the world. While nominees are revealed during National Engineers Week, the winners will be announced April 2.

Mohebbi, a graduate student who also serves at the Health Information Technology and Simulation (HITS) Laboratory, was selected as part of DiscoverE’s focus for 2015, “Engineering New Horizons.”

In her role with the HITS Lab—a joint venture between the College of Engineering and the College of Nursing—Mohebbi has the opportunity to apply some of the latest techniques and technology in systems engineering as part of the effort to help make healthcare more personalized and more responsive and to help take it into the future.

“We work in a multidisciplinary team to develop interprofessional education programs, innovative solutions for health care delivery, and streamlined quality of care for patients,” said Mohebbi. “We do this through effective coordination of decisions related to system optimality.”

In addition to her pursuit of a doctoral degree in industrial and systems engineering, Mohebbi is also working toward a second master’s, this one in statistics.

She has won several awards for her work and research and is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Applied Logistics, as well as serving as a referee for numerous other journals.

Mohebbi came to UT from the K. N. Toosi University of Technology and the University of Tehran in her native Iran, where she earned the 2009 National Outstanding Student Award in recognition of her research and academic achievements and was honored by the president.

Since coming to UT, Mohebbi received the Chancellor’s Extraordinary Professional Promise Award in 2013, a Graduate Student Senate travel award in 2014, and recognition as the outstanding graduate student in the College of Engineering.

She also was announced as a finalist for the prestigious Gilbreth Memorial Fellowship from the Institute of Industrial Engineers for 2014–2015 in addition to being one of their two nominees for New Faces of Engineering.

DiscoverE seeks to promote engineering education and research through various outreach channels, including more than 100 professional societies, government agencies, and businesses.


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