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Lawrence TownsendSeveral members of the College of Engineering’s Department of Nuclear Engineering recently took home awards at the American Nuclear Society’s annual meeting in Reno, Nevada, with Professor Lawrence Townsend receiving a particularly high honor.

Townsend, the Robert M. Condra Professor of Nuclear Engineering, received the Professional Achievement Award he won in 2013 for research activities including extensive publications in radiation protection dosimetry and particle transport methods related to space radiation environments.

“To be singled out for an award by your peers is certainly a great honor,” said Townsend, who is also a Chancellor’s Professor. “This is something that means a lot to me, and it reflects well on what we are doing in the department.”

The award is the latest in a distinguished career for Townsend, who joined the department at UT in 1995 after a 14-year stint at NASA’s Langley Research Center.

In addition to being elected a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society in 2005, and Fellow of the Health Physics Society in 2006, Townsend was recognized by NASA with the Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal in 1993 and has been named his department’s professor of the year four times.

Townsend’s recognition at the annual meeting was not the only one for UT, however, as several students won awards and multiple faculty members made or took part in presentations.

Student winners included:

  • Colton Oldham, Sophomore award
  • Mikah Rust, Junior/Senior award
  • Travis Labossiere-Hickman, Raymond Di Salvo Memorial Scholarship
  • Alyxandria Wszolek, Operations and Power Division Scholarship

Presentations from Department of Nuclear Engineering staff included:

  • “Human Factors, Instrumentation and Controls,” Jamie Coble
  • “Hybrid Molten Salt Reactor,” Laurence Miller
  • “Human Reliability in Nuclear and Radiological Systems,” Joe Stainback and Howard Hall
  • “Preliminary Investigation of Turbulent Flow Behavior of 3-D Twin Jets Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis,” A. E. Ruggles
  • “Microcomputer Servomotor Positioning,” J. D. Shewmaker
  • “Vision Based Self-Learning Teleoperation Control System,” Bill Hamel
  • “Advanced Pallet Cladding Interaction Modeling Using the DOE Fuel Performance Code,” Nathan Capps and Brian Wirth
  • “Progress in Mechanistic Understanding of Nuclear Materials,” Steven Zinkle
  • “Multiscale Modeling of Nanoscale Precipitate Stability in Irradiated Structural Materials,” Brian Wirth and Dongua Xu
  • “UN Kernel Development for Fully Cermic Microencapsulated fuels for LWRS,” Chinthaka Silva
  • “Characterization of Non-Irradiated Ti-Si-C and Ti-Al-C Max Phase Materials,” Steven Zinkle
  • “Modeling of Neutron Irradiation Hardening of Iron,” X. Hu, D. Xu, and Brian Wirth
  • “Comparison of UVP and PIV Measurements of the Mixing of Parallel Vertical Jets,” Cody Wiggins and Arthur Ruggles


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