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Nuclear engineering students at UT were recently awarded a number of scholarships.

All told, four students from the College of Engineering‘s Department of Nuclear Engineering were recognized:

  • Alyxandria Wszolek, a sophomore from Madison, Mississippi, won the Operations and Power Division Scholarship
  • Travis Labossiere-Hickman, a junior from Brush Creek, Tennessee, won the Raymond DiSalvo Memorial Scholarship
  • Mikah Rust, a senior from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, won the Junior/Senior Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Colton Oldham, from Hurricane, West Virginia, won the Sophomore Undergraduate Scholarship

Wszolek’s scholarship is worth $2,500, while the other three are worth $2,000 each.

The awards come less than two weeks after Wszolek, Labossiere-Hickman and Rust were three of twelve students in the department to be awarded scholarships or fellowships through a US Department of Energy program.

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