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For Your BenefitAs the deadline for insurance enrollment draws near, UT employees should familiarize themselves with Partnership Promise requirements for 2014. Eligible university employees must enroll or make changes to their state insurance benefits by Friday, November 1.

The Partnership PPO and Standard PPO are the state’s two health insurance plans. Both plans cover the same services and treatments, but the Partnership plan offers lower costs and better discounts. In exchange, all members must agree to fulfill the Partnership Promise each year. The Promise encourages enrollees to have a healthier lifestyle and therefore lower overall health care costs.

Meeting the Partnership Promise for 2014 is a three-step process for most members and covered spouses:

  1. Complete an online well-being assessment by March 15, 2014.
  2. New this year: Complete a biometric screening (height, weight, blood work, etc.) at your doctor’s office and have the appropriate form submitted by July 15, 2014.
  3. Keep your contact information current with UT (changes can now be made online through UT’s employee self-service website.

Additional steps are required for members identified as being at risk for certain health concerns or who use tobacco:

  1. Participate in health coaching and/or case management.
  2. Engage in the tobacco cessation program.

Although the state designs the Partnership Promise and contracts with Healthways to administer the program, UT staff can provide assistance with employee questions. Remember, the university cannot access your health information but can help in other ways. For more information, call the UT System Payroll Office at 865-974-5251.