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WUOT: The Method: Bats, Edison and Galactic Opera

WUOT’s The Method is a series that explores the intersection of science and society. How does scientific research affect you and your community? In this installment, Brandon Hollingsworth talks with history professor and author Ernest Freeberg about Thomas Edison’s greatest invention: Modern America. Chrissy Keuper speaks with ecology and evolutionary biology professor Gary McCracken about

New UT Transit Buses Unveiled

The campus has a brand new fleet of transit buses. The buses began serving the campus over the weekend, operating on the summer route schedule. The new fleet of campus buses, which will continue using the name “the T,” included twenty vehicles sporting the university’s school colors, a checkerboard pattern, and Smokey.

HPRWire: Full Details Uncovered on Chinese Top Supercomputer

Jack Dongarra, distinguished professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department and the director of the Innovative Computing Laboratory, was interviewed by HPCWire about China’s reveal of supercomputer of the Tianhe-2, which will, barring any completely unexpected surprises, far surpass the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Titan. Dongarra helps release the Top500 lists of supercomputers