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On Monday, May 13, the University of Tennessee Police Department hosted a multiagency active shooter training exercise held at the Stokely Athletic Center on campus. Nearly 100 people from UTPD, the Knoxville Police Department, Knox County Sheriff’s Office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation participated in this event.

During the various training scenarios, officers placed in response teams encountered violent, dynamic situations. Active shooters, improvised explosive devices, and fatally wounded ‘victims’ were several of the elements the teams negotiated.

Many of the response teams were comprised of officers from different local law enforcement agencies.

“Training together prior to an emergency enhances our ability to respond effectively when an actual situation occurs,” said UTPD Chief Troy Lane. “Realistic training to prepare emergency responders is an invaluable tool.”

UTPD hosts exercises like these to prepare a response to a potentially violent situation on campus.