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UT’s new electron microscopes were featured in an article in the Knoxville News Sentinel and Associated Press. The electron microscopes run the gamut in the discovery and improvement of advanced materials used in areas such as nuclear security, medicine, nanotechnology, and green power. They will be housed in the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials (JIAM). The $2.5 million Zeiss Libra 200 transmission electron microscope, with the magnification power of 1 to 10 million times, has few equals, according to JIAM Director George Pharr. “There are only four or five like it in the world,” he said. “It uses electrons to transmit through materials. We use the information gleaned in the process to learn the internal structures of materials to the atomic level.” The power of the Libra is staggering. It has the magnification capacity to read the mint date on the head of a nickel on the moon. To read the article, visit the Knoxville News Sentinel website.