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To: UT Students
From: UT Police Department
Subject: UT Police Department Overview


The UT Police Department welcomes you to campus and would like to inform you about our department and the services that we provide. Our primary mission is the safety of students, staff, faculty, and visitors to the university campus. UT operates a fully functional police department on our campus twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. UTPD is staffed with commissioned police officers as well as non-commissioned communications and security staff.

Services UTPD offers free of charge:

  • Vehicle unlock service on campus property
  • Vehicle battery boost on campus property
  • Secure storage of firearms or other weapons at UTPD—individuals are not permitted by law or university policy to carry weapons on school property.
  • Fingerprints for employment purposes—you will need to supply your own fingerprint cards. Note that UTPD cannot fingerprint for immigration purposes.
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Surveys (CPTED)—upon request, UTPD officers will conduct a security survey for properties close to campus. Officers will provide you with security recommendations to make your building or residence safer.
  • Educational programming—Rape Aggression Defense (RAD), personal safety, Operation ID theft deterrence, and other programming can be brought to your location and facilitated by trained staff. Visit utpolice.utk.edu/edu_Programs.html for additional information on programing.

Safety Communication

UT Alert: In the event of a serious incident that may require immediate action on your part, UTPD may issue a UT Alert, which is sent via text and e-mail. Students, staff, and faculty may register to receive UT alerts here. Examples of when a UT Alert may be sent out include an armed robbery or a natural gas leak on or near the UT campus.

Safety Notices: Safety Notices are sent to all UT Knoxville email addresses. Note that these notifications are not dependent upon registration to UT Alert. Safety notices will likely follow a recent UT Alert providing additional detail about an incident. Safety notices also may be distributed to provide general safety information about a non-UT Alert incident. These incidents may not require your immediate action, but awareness of the criminal act may assist in making more informed decisions about your personal safety. A Safety Notice may be sent out, for example, if there were a series of burglaries in the residence halls.

More information regarding services and safety on campus can be found at utpolice.utk.edu.

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UT Police Department
865.974.3111 Campus Emergency
865.974.3114 Non–emergency