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In an effort to declutter academic buildings, a campus-wide spring-cleaning effort will begin April 16. Campus departments should use the Spring Cleanup as an opportunity to get rid of surplus equipment, used furniture, trash, and recyclables.

Provost Susan Martin and Interim Vice Chancellor of Research Lee Riedinger are asking departments to make the Spring Cleanup a priority, and special resources are being dedicated to making it easier to move property out of campus buildings. Staff from Facilities Services will go building-by-building to help units simplify the process. Computer and laboratory equipment, furniture, office supplies, paper files, and more may be recycled, discarded, or sent to UT Warehousing.

The Cleanup will begin with Taylor Law Center, Hodges Library, and TANDEC on April 16 and continue for thirteen weeks to include most academic buildings. See the complete schedule here. New buildings and buildings that have been recently renovated have not been included in the schedule, though departments may still contact UT Warehousing to arrange a pick up of surplus property.

Prepare for the Cleanup

sample surplus form
Sample surplus form. All items must be listed on the form, though items of the same type may be grouped together. (click to enlarge)

There are a few steps departments must take to prepare for their assigned Cleanup weeks. Forms for surplus property must be submitted to UT Warehousing one week before each unit’s assigned week. Forms may be submitted to the fax number listed on the forms.

Learn more about surplus property on the UT Warehousing website. For more information on the Spring Cleanup, contact Dennis Lee at 974-7773.