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In an effort to declutter our academic buildings, the campus will begin a special spring-cleaning effort on April 16. For more on the Spring Cleanup, click here.

Spring Cleanup Schedule

  • April 16−20: Taylor Law Center, Hodges Library, TANDEC. Surplus forms due April 9.
  • April 23−27: Perkins Hall, Ferris Hall, and Berry Hall. Surplus forms due April 16.
  • May 7−11: Estabrook Hall, East Stadium, and South Stadium. Surplus forms due April 30.
  • May 14−18: Jessie Harris Building, Hoskins Hall, and Dabney Buehler Hall. Surplus forms due May 7.
  • May 21−25: Walters Life Sciences Building. Surplus forms due May 14.
  • May 29 to June 1: Science and Engineering Research Facility. Surplus forms due May 22.
  • June 4−8: Nielsen Hall, Hesler Hall, Earth and Planetary Science Building. Surplus forms due May 29.
  • June 11−15: Communications and University Extension Building, Stokely Management Center. Surplus forms due June 4.
  • June 18−22: Dunford Hall and Henson Hall. Surplus forms due June 11.
  • June 25-29: Bailey Education Complex and Art and Architecture Building. Surplus forms due June 18.
  • July 9−13: Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Building; Melrose Hall; and South College. Surplus forms due July 2.
  • July 16−20: Austin Peay and Dougherty Hall. Surplus forms due July 9.

*New buildings and buildings that have been recently renovated have not been included in the schedule, though departments may still contact UT Warehousing to arrange a pick up of surplus property.