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University of Tennessee Police have asked for faculty, staff, and students’ help in alleviating the heavy pedestrian backup at the corner of Phillip Fulmer Way and Andy Holt Avenue, just below the Hill.

Now that fall semester has begun, the safety of all pedestrians and motorists—especially during the busiest times between classes—is a foremost concern.

Pedestrian Bridge“We are asking people to use the ramp behind the Haslam Business Building to access the pedestrian bridge to the Hill,” UT Police Chief Gloria Graham said. “Please use the bridge when going up to and leaving that area.”

The large crowds at the intersection have slowed down travel time for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists alike.

“To increase safety and improve the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, we ask that everyone make a point of avoiding that intersection and take advantage of the pedestrian bridge whenever possible,” Graham said.

Using the pedestrian bridge also will ensure that all T buses leaving the transfer station alongside the stadium can get to their scheduled stops on time, she added.