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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville is implementing programs to improve leadership and management processes within the university’s departments.

The Leading at UT: Part 2 Certification training program recently graduated 15 managers and supervisors from the College of Veterinary Medicine, Facilities Services and Housing, among other university departments. Hosted by Employee and Organizational Development and Human Resources, the event was celebrated with breakfast for the graduates on Friday, Nov. 5, in the Executive Dining Room of the University Center.

Part 2 Certification breakfast
Graduates of the Leading at UT: Part 2 Certification training program enjoy a celebratory breakfast hosted by Human Resources and Employee and Organizational Development.

“This is the most rigorous certification program,” said Linda Francisco, executive director of talent management for Human Resources. “UT is really committed to increasing the leadership skills of management.”

The training program takes about two years and 70 classroom hours to complete. The training includes classes on technical processes; compliance training; and employee, team and organizational development.

“Research shows our leaders succeed because of leadership development programs,” Francisco said. “Leaders need a balance of communication skills, soft skills and technical training to be effective.”

During breakfast, there was a round-table discussion about trends in supervision and what those trends mean to UT leaders.

“The people who take this certification are already fairly progressive,” Francisco said. “It is very important for our leaders to know the basics, though. For instance, the history of UT; the relationships between the system, campuses and institutes; and using self-assessment skills and planning are all important parts of managing a team.

“It’s great for our leaders to learn from one another. They form a core group. They should be proud of getting this certificate and I hope they encourage their colleagues to do the same.”

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