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Tennessee Today is an e-mail publication produced by the Office of Communications and Marketing for the benefit of UT faculty and staff employed in the Knoxville area.

Tennessee Today shares good news and features faculty, staff, and students who are doing interesting things and making a positive difference in the lives of others. Tennessee Today also shares information on policies, procedures, and campus operations along with other communications regarding the official business of the university.

Tennessee Today is distributed during the academic year, with a reduced publication schedule during holidays and summer sessions.

Tennessee Today welcomes submissions from all UT employees and students regarding upcoming events, honors, and other news that is of interest to a broad campus audience. The editor selects and approves all content for Tennessee Today, and reserves the right to edit all listings for content and space considerations.

Events must be sponsored by university faculty, staff, students, academic departments, administrative units, or university-recognized clubs or interest groups, and serve the overall education and public service mission of the university. Examples include campus academic events; honors, awards, and noteworthy achievements of faculty, staff, and students; campus traffic, construction, and logistics information; official university communications; and special or seasonal activities and opportunities for members of the university community.

To submit a news item for possible inclusion in Tennessee Today, complete the online form.

All events submitted for inclusion in Tennessee Today must first be submitted to the campus events calendar. Event submissions will be accepted up to the day before the event. Submissions received more than a month in advance of the event may be held until the event is a month away and then included in one or more editions of Tennessee Today at the discretion of the editor.

Once an event has been submitted for inclusion in Tennessee Today, the person submitting the information should notify the editor if any details change, even if it has already been published. This is to ensure that any subsequent reminders about the event will contain the most accurate information.

Tennessee Today publishes a limited number of notices about sales at on-campus locations or other special offers when there is a specific discount for faculty and staff. Tennessee Today also publishes information about fundraising activities (sales and events) that are sponsored by a university department or organization.

Inquiries about these procedures should be sent to