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A gloved hand works with a nano scale mechanical testing system integrated in a Scanning Electron Microscope.

Stanford University’s annual list of the top 2% of scientists cited by other researchers around the world was recently released, and this year’s version includes 183 faculty members from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, including the UT Institute of Agriculture. The database includes almost 205,000 scientists, engineers and mathematicians worldwide whose work has been most cited by peers throughout their careers.

“Having your work cited by your peers is not only validation of what you have accomplished, it also demonstrates that your contributions are advancing the knowledge frontier,” said Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation, and Economic Development Deborah Crawford.

“The fact that UT has more than 180 faculty among the world’s top 2% is an indication not only of the impact of UT Research but of the value of a UT education, for UT students have the opportunity to learn from the world’s best and brightest.”

Considered one of the most prestigious recognitions that faculty can receive, this year’s list includes Gore Hunger Professor of Environmental Science Daniel Simberloff, who is again UT’s highest-ranked faculty member. Simberloff, who studies how species interact with one another and the environment, is on the faculty of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in the UT College of Arts and Sciences.

The rankings list faculty by research area, with UT faculty representing 63 fields of study. Applied physics at UT leads the way with 14 faculty in this elite group, while materials has 13 and energy has 11.

The full rankings are available online at Elsevier.


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