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Richard Pacelle Jr., Professor, Political Science.

In its 5-4 Allen v. Milligan decision on June 8, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the state of Alabama to redraw its congressional voting districts and consider race as it made up the new districts. The court had found that the state’s political districts diluted the strength of Black voters by denying them the possibility of electing a second Black member to the state’s congressional delegation.

Over the years, The Conversation U.S. has published numerous stories exploring the consequences of not complying with court rulings and what resistance, including resistance to decisions involving race, does to the legitimacy of America’s legal system.

Richard Pacelle, professor, and head of the Department of Political Science, has previously written on the political impacts of Supreme Court rulings and how the institution has evolved. His latest essay was included in a recent roundup of Supreme Court-related articles for The Conversation. Read the full compilation at The Conversation.

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