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Former Tennessee governors Phil Bredesen, left, and Bill Haslam, right, record an episode of You Might be Right, a new podcast series launched by the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy.

Last month the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy announced the launch of “You Might Be Right,” a podcast hosted by former Tennessee governors Phil Bredesen and Bill Haslam. The discussion-format podcast is part of the center’s efforts to foster a living tribute to the legacy of Senator Howard Baker by encouraging people to approach polarizing debates with humility and curiosity.

Deriving its name from Baker’s famous quote that “the other fellow might be right” and drawing inspiration from his ability to cross party lines, listen and learn, the series aims to facilitate civil conversations on tough topics.

“I encourage everyone to go to the Baker Center’s website to subscribe for podcast updates and follow ‘You Might Be Right’ wherever you get your audio content,” Baker Center Executive Director Marianne Wanamaker said. “It is our hope at the Baker Center that while a listener may not change their mind after an episode, they come away with new appreciation for civil discourse and the effort to find common ground.”

Since the announcement, the podcast has released three episodes, with five more to come as new episodes are released every Wednesday. The podcast has garnered media attention nationally, across the state and locally:

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