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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Campus Advisory Board met remotely Friday to discuss the strategic vision, enrollment updates, and clarity regarding masks on campus.

Meeting materials and the archived webcast are available on the chancellor’s website.

The board was created in 2018 when the Tennessee General Assembly passed the UT FOCUS Act, restructuring the Board of Trustees and creating an advisory board for each campus in the UT System.

The board is charged with making campus-level recommendations to the Board of Trustees on strategic planning, operating budgets, and tuition, as well as advising the chancellor.

In addition to a student representative, the members of the advisory board are Alexia Poe and Tom Smith of Nashville, John Tickle of Bristol, Tennessee, and Syreeta Vaughn of Knoxville. Beauvais Lyons is serving in his second year of a two-year term as faculty representative on the board. The next meeting of the advisory board is October 15.


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