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As students dive into online learning, tutoring and academic support are just a click away. The Student Success Center and the Office of Multicultural Student Life are going above and beyond to provide easily accessible online resources to students as they work through difficult problems and study for online exams.

Student Success Center

“This change is new and so unknown, and this can make students feel scared and isolated,” said Jenny Ludwig, a professional academic coach in the Student Success Center. “But what’s important to remember is that while campus might be physically closed, we are providing services. The coaches, tutors, faculty members, and the support students had when they were on campus is still available. We are ready to help wherever we can. Students are encouraged to stay connected and advocate for yourself when you need help.”

The Student Success Center offers free online academic support using Zoom video conferencing. One-on-one tutoring via Zoom is available across a wide range of subjects.

Professional academic coaches are also available to meet one-on-one via Zoom to help students study smarter, manage their time more efficiently, set goals, and prepare for exams. Supplemental instruction leaders are hosting group sessions via Zoom for students to work together, develop strategies to master course content, review material, and get ready for quizzes and exams.

Ludwig stressed that it’s important for students to “know your why.”

“You’ve got to keep engaging and staying purposeful,” Ludwig said. “take action, and if you need to start taking notes to fully pay attention to your professor during an online lecture, do it. Find an accountability buddy and help one another get through this.”

Students who have trouble scheduling an appointment through GradesFirst can contact or one of the administrators.

Zoom sessions are most effective on a computer, but students can use the device of their choice.

For tutoring and coaching, students will be placed in a waiting room until the tutor is available. This protects student privacy and prevents the risk of students viewing others’ sessions. Sessions can be recorded for later rewatching.

The Student Success Center has also created an Online Academic Success Guide.

“We are all in this together in figuring things out, so let’s stay connected and each do our part to make it work,” Ludwig said.

Multicultural Student Life

The Office of Multicultural Student Life also provides free academic support using Zoom. Their tutoring services will be available with appointments through GradesFirst, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Through GradesFirst, students can gain access to tutors’ schedules and course topics. For more information, call 865-974-6861 or email Assistant Director Ronni Williams at

“While we have entered a period of uncertainty and are acknowledging how different this is for our students, we are certain that we want to continue doing all that we can in Multicultural Student Life to ensure that students can succeed and have resources available to make this transition as smooth as possible,” Williams said.

“Our academic resources will hopefully maintain some normalcy for students and provide an avenue for additional peer-to-peer learning.”

Technical Assistance

If you need technical assistance with Zoom, contact the Office of Information Technology.



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