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Starting January 6, UT Mail Services will take over responsibility for delivering and picking up packages on campus. Carriers such as FedEX, UPS, DHL, and the US Postal Service will no longer handle packages at individual academic or administrative departments.

UT Mail Services has made arrangements with all major carriers to act as their agent for picking up and delivering packages and mail. They will stop by each department at least twice a day Monday through Friday, with extended service times and special deliveries for high-priority shipments. They also will honor any special delivery instructions from outside carriers, such as expedited shipping, on an individual basis.

Nothing will change in how you order items for delivery: the big change is that the package will be delivered by UT Mail Services instead of by outside companies. The goal, part of UT’s master plan, is to reduce the number of delivery trucks on campus going to the same buildings while making deliveries more efficient and responsive to employees’ needs.

For more information, visit the UT Mail Services website.