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UT is home to more than 20 campus ministries that seek to serve the campus community by providing students with places to gather for worship, seek guidance throughout their transformative college experience, and make deep, lasting friendships.

Students are invited to take part in worship services and religious studies as well as getting involved in the tight-knit communities of faith. Campus ministers say it is important to create spaces where students feel wanted, welcome, and at home on a campus as large as UT’s.

Baptist Collegiate Ministry campus minister Rodney Norvell said college students need a sense of community during this complicated phase of life.

“Students stay when they have friendships,” Norvell said. “Having things like fraternities, sororities, and religious organizations is super important for the retention of students on a college campus.”

Although the ministries are not supervised by UT, they have a prominent presence on campus. Many organizations are involved in intramural sports and engage in community service efforts throughout the UT community.

Andy Morgan, pastor of UKirk Presbyterian campus ministry, said the role of a campus ministry is not only to serve the students who regularly attend its services but also to serve the UT community as a whole.

“We exist to be good neighbors to our other faith partners here and to the students we get to cohabit this campus with,” Morgan said.

These ministries aim to be a source of comfort and guidance for students as they make important life-changing decisions.

Norvell said he is thankful for the opportunities he has through the Baptist Collegiate Ministry to leave an impact on students and help them through difficult times.

“The BCM loves partnering with UT to help students grow and become who God has created them to be,” Norvell said.  “Life is not always easy and stress can take its toll on everyone. By being a friend, mentor, teacher, and pastor for students, I find that we help each other grow.”

The following campus ministries are active at UT:

Advent House – Adventist Christian Fellowship

Athletes in Action

Baptist Collegiate Ministry

Bridges International

Campus House of Prayer

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

Christian Student Center

Christian Student Fellowship

Christian Students at UTK

Collegiate Abbey

Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Hillel Jewish Student Center

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship—Collegiate Black Christians

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship—Graduate/Faculty Ministries

Muslim Student Association

The Navigators

Navigators International Student Fellowship

Reformed University Fellowship

St. John XXIII University Catholic Center

Tyson House Lutheran and Episcopal Campus Ministry

UKirk Presbyterian Campus Ministry

Volunteers for Christ

Wesley Foundation—United Methodist University Center