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Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam recently appointed 20 members to new advisory boards for each of the campuses within the UT System.

Each campus advisory board comprises five public members appointed by the governor; one faculty member appointed by each institution’s Faculty Senate; and one student member appointed by each campus advisory board.

The public members of UT Knoxville’s advisory board are Alexia Poe and Tom Smith of Nashville, John Tickle of Bristol, and Syreeta Vaughn and Tim Williams of Knoxville.

The Faculty Senate appointed Louis J. Gross, Chancellor’s Professor and Distinguished Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, to serve as the faculty appointee to the board. The student member will be appointed by the board at a later date.

The advisory boards were created under the UT Focus Act passed by the General Assembly last session. Each board is charged with submitting recommendations to the UT System Board of Trustees on campus level strategic plans, operating budgets, and tuition.