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When students apply for jobs and internships, their academic transcript provides a look at their work inside of the classroom. But what about all of the experiences that helped build their skills outside of the classroom?

UT is now offering a co-curricular transcript, detailing a student’s learning experiences outside the traditional classroom, such as leadership, service, international education, professional and applied experiences, and undergraduate research. Students are able to gain leadership skills in a variety of roles and experiences. A list of leadership experiences appearing on the transcript are available to view on the Center for Student Engagement website.

UT is the first in the country to collaborate with the company that creates the university’s academic transcript to produce the co-curricular transcript. Both transcripts will complement each other in appearance and design, providing students a professional product that can be used to supplement a graduate school application or included with a job application.

Research conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers and the Lumina Foundation confirms that experiences highlighted on a student’s co-curricular transcript are highly sought after by employers and admissions departments.

“This transcript was created so students were able to have a tangible piece of evidence that showcases all of the co-curricular experiences students have at the university. Students will be able to take their co-curricular transcript to an employer or a graduate school and show many of the experiences they took part in during their time at UT,” said Jordan Smith-Porter, assistant director of the Center for Student Engagement.

UT validates all information presented on a student’s co-curricular transcript through the Center for Student Engagement, the Center for International Education, and the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Students can order an electronic copy of their co-curricular transcript on the Transcript Order Form. The cost is $2.40.


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