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Student reviewing social media data in Adam Brown Social Media Command Center in the College of Communication & Information.

The Adam Brown Social Media Command Center at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has partnered with social analytics labs at universities across the country to form the Social Analytics Consortium (SAC).

The SAC was developed by researchers from the University of Tennessee, Clemson University, Illinois State University, Ohio University, and the University of Akron. The partnership seeks to foster and advance interdisciplinary communication research collaboration and enhance pedagogical skills in the field of social analytics.

“This initiative is an exciting opportunity for the Adam Brown Social Media Command Center and UT to extend its role as a leader in the field of social media research and teaching,” said Brandon Boatwright, graduate associate of the center. “By partnering with social media analytics labs from across the country, the SAC will provide students and faculty with enhanced opportunities to engage in this rapidly growing field.”

As part of UT’s continued effort to be a leader in this emerging field, the center is excited to partner with researchers from universities across the country to provide resources for scholarly and pedagogical advancements in big data analysis and social media metrics.

The SAC was established as a collaborative effort among existing social analytics labs in higher education settings to explore issues related to social media research, pedagogy, facility management, professional development, and lobbying efforts. Moreover, as businesses and organizations are increasingly trying to use data to inform decision-making processes, the SAC was organized as a means for researchers to address some of the most pressing challenges associated with gathering, assessing, and making sense out of the social media landscape.


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