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A new office has opened to streamline the campus event management process.

The Office of Campus Event Services will oversee the reservation process for events, including meeting spaces and resources. The office falls within the Division of Finance and Administration.

Kylea Boutwell
Kylea Boutwell

Event Manager Kylea Boutwell will work with campus units to schedule and coordinate services through the Ad Astra platform, which is already in use for academic room scheduling. Departments and units that have space scheduling and approval rights will retain access and continue priority scheduling in their respective areas. The University Space Committee has drafted indoor and outdoor space usage guidelines, which will be communicated by Campus Event Services before the start of fall semester.

The new process is being implemented in blocks, with Athletics, Aramark, UT Conferences, the Division of Finance and Administration, and the Division of Student Life set to transition to the new system in May and June. All Knoxville campus units are scheduled to be moved to the new system by August. Training sessions for individual units are available according to an implementation schedule.

The new campus calendar is also designed to support the streamlining effort, and a new campus map is scheduled to launch in June.

For more information, call the office at 865-974-9941.