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Learn about potential internships, summer positions and full-time jobs from a variety of organizations during the upcoming Spring Job and Internship Fair Week sponsored by the Center for Career Development.

The center has invited employers from a variety of industries to campus during the week of February 5 to give students a chance to meet representatives face-to-face and explore options. Events include the 10th Annual Diversity Job Fair, the Arts and Sciences Preview Night, the Spring Job and Internship Fair, the Health Careers Fair and a Freelance Workshop.

Why should YOU attend one of these events or others held this semester? Here are the top five things you can accomplish at a fair:

  1. Explore Options: For students early in their career development, speak to representatives about their industries, jobs, and internships to discover more about the work that appeals to you. Ask about company culture and entry-level opportunities to help define your career goals.
  2. Find an Internship or Summer Job: Employers indicate internship experience as the number one attribute when looking to hire individuals, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Talk to organizations attending the fairs about their internship offerings and learn how to apply.
  3. Practice: Attending career fairs before you are in the market for a full-time job allows you to experience the environment first hand and build confidence. You can observe successful job search behaviors and professional dress options so you are ready to hit the ground running in the future.
  4. Network: Make professional connections with hundreds of company representatives that attend the fair. Many are UT alumni and are happy to speak with you. Practice your “30-second commercial” with them.
  5. Land a Job: Rarely will you find so many hiring organizations in one place at one time than at a job fair. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with them face-to-face.

Learn about all of the spring events and how to prepare for a successful job fair on the Center for Career Development website. Research the organizations attending ahead of time to decide which event is best for you. Get feedback on your resume during Walk-In Hours at the center, and if possible, show up in business casual or professional dress depending upon your goals for the event. We look forward to seeing you there!