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After three weeks of intense math instruction, 88 UT freshmen are starting the academic year better prepared for their majors of choice.

This is the fourth year for Math Camp, an invitation-only boot camp for incoming students who need to bolster their math skills to prepare for majors requiring specific math skills.

Designed to enhance student support and improve retention and graduation rates, Math Camp targets students whose math ACT scores place them in courses lower than what is needed for their intended majors. Students are invited to attend the optional program, which provides a thorough review of concepts from Math 119 and 130—two important prerequisites for math-intensive majors.

After taking a test at the end of the course, 60 percent of Math Camp participants had increased their math skills enough to be placed into a more advanced course; 16 percent were able to skip two classes. The others began the semester better equipped for the challenges of their required math class.

“Our students did an excellent job in math camp this summer. They had an average class attendance rate of 98 percent, and that commitment and effort made a difference on exam day,” said Jessica Osborne, assistant director of the Student Success Center. “I’m very proud of our math campers and what they accomplished.”