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Eighty-nine UT freshmen are already hitting the books, having arrived on campus early to attend Math Camp, a three-week “boot camp” that helps them prepare for math-intensive majors.

This is the fourth year that Math Camp has been held. This year’s program began on July 23 and will conclude on August 11.

Designed to enhance student support and improve retention and graduation rates, Math Camp targets students whose math ACT scores place them in courses lower than what is needed for their intended majors. Students are invited to attend the optional program which provides a thorough review of concepts from Math 119 and 130—two important prerequisites for math-intensive majors or other majors requiring specific math skills.

Most Math Camp students live in Reese Residence Hall. They attend a lecture, a recitation session, and tutoring each day. Planned social activities on the weekends allow them to get acquainted, become familiar with campus, and begin transitioning to life at UT.

“Math Camp prepares students for the challenges they may face their first year in college, both inside and outside the classroom,” said Jessica Osborne, assistant director of the Student Success Center. “Students appreciate the opportunity to try to complete two semesters’ worth of math before they even begin college, and even more they value the connections with peers, faculty, and staff that they make along the way.”

Last year, after taking a test at the end of the course, 58 percent of Math Camp participants had increased their math skills enough to be placed into a more advanced course; 30 percent were able to skip two classes. The others began the semester better equipped for the challenges of their required math class.