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WBIR TV Channel 10 recently interviewed Bruce McKee, UT professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology, for a story examining genetic testing.

WBIR’s Marketing Director Kara McFarland knew from a very young age she was adopted. It was never a secret. But all these years later she still knows very little about her biological family. McFarland turned to science to get some answers by using the genetic testing kit “23andMe.” It’s one of many for sale online and can be taken at home. She collected a saliva sample, sent it off the in mail and a month lager the results were in her computer inbox. 

McKee said this type of genetic testing is called microarray technology and is reliable and validated. He noted that this information could be of value for people like Kara who don’t know much about their family background. But he added, you need to be prepared for the information your genes hold. 

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