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Bruce MacLennan

Bruce MacLennan, immediate past president of the Faculty Senate and an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, has been elected by the Faculty Senate to serve as campus representative to the UT Faculty Council. His term begins on July 1 and ends in 2020.

The UT Faculty Council confers with, advises, and communicates with the UT System president and administration on system-wide matters of interest to the campus faculties.

“Academic freedom, faculty self-determination, and shared governance are essential for a university to fulfill its function,” MacLennan wrote in his candidate statement. “We are obliged to reaffirm and to defend these values continually. . . . Although there are many differences among the UT campuses, we are one system, and it is to our mutual benefit to ensure that faculty are empowered to do their jobs well. Among the issues facing the UT system this year are the preservation and expansion of our diversity and inclusion efforts, monitoring the new Enhanced Post-Tenure Performance Reivew process, and fighting the proliferation of firearms on campus.

MacLennan replaces Professor Candace White from the School of Advertising and Public Relations, who has served as the campus representative since 2014.

MacLennan has been at UT since 1987.