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If a tornado were headed for our campus, would you know what to do?  Where would you go?

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week. After yesterday’s severe weather, we wanted to talk about how to stay safe if a tornado is heading toward campus or is already here. As a reminder, we are conducting a tornado awareness drill using the UT Alert text and email system today.

When a tornado warning is in effect for campus, remember these important tips to stay safe:

  • Stay indoors.
  • Warn others to seek shelter.
  • Go to a designated shelter location in the building you are in or go to a windowless interior space on a lower floor. Shelter locations are listed on interior signs in all buildings. Most signs are located near elevators and exits.
  • Protect your head and neck.
  • Get under a sturdy piece of furniture if available.
  • Close the doors and stay inside until the tornado has passed (an “all clear” UT Alert will be issued when the immediate threat has passed).
  • Continue to monitor for campus updates.

If a tornado touches down on campus, leave the damaged building and go to a safe location after the tornado has passed. Report your condition and location to emergency personnel. If trapped, bang on something to make noise rather than yelling for help. If you are safe, attempt to contact your immediate family to let them know your status.

You can also register on the university’s emergency database, Reconnect, to share information in an emergency. If you are unable to register, call the university safe line at 865-656-7233 to be added.

Don’t forget to follow the UT Knoxville Snapchat account (utknoxville) today for additional tips. Those who follow the story will have a chance to win giveaways.