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Tired of spending summers watching re-runs on your parent’s couch or working the same job you have had since high school? You can put your summer to good use by taking advantage of all of the great things UT has to offe during the summer.

Here are some ways you can spend your summer with UT:

Catch up on classes—UT offers more than 1,200 different courses during the summer sessions. You can enroll in a 3-week mini session, 5-week sessions during the first and second sessions or a 10-week full summer session class. In addition to traditional classroom settings, there are a variety of online classes offered through the summer.

Summer classes will help you to get ahead and boost your GPA. There are fewer obligations for students during the summer, and the extra time allows for further immersion into classes. UT will be offering summer housing options in Clement and the new Stokely Family Hall during the summer.

The application for financial aid for summer session is available February 1 through April 1, and the class schedule is released February 20. For questions about financial aid for summer sessions, contact One Stop.

Work on Campus or Find an Internship—There are many options for part-time employment on campus and in Knoxville. You can apply for jobs at the Student Union, Vol Dining, Hodges Library, RecSports, OIT Support, Disability Services, the Center for Career Development, and the Daily Beacon.

The Center for Career Development offers career assistance and advising to help you find jobs and internships in your respective fields. Hire-a-Vol is another great resource to help you find jobs and internships. You can log onto Hire-a-Vol through your MyUTK account.

Internships set you apart in the job market, and help you realize what you like to do and don’t like to do. Internships help you gain transferrable skills and real world experience that you cannot get in the classroom. 

Study Abroad—Looking for a global summer experience? There are many different types of study abroad opportunities available, and summer is the most popular time to go. Take classes abroad, participate in service-learning abroad, conduct research or do an internship in a foreign country.

Participating in study abroad will set you apart from you peers and give you a global perspective in your industry.  Students can choose from programs in more than 50 countries on six continents around the world.

If you are concerned about the cost of studying abroad, there are many resources available. The Center for International Education awards approximately $500,000 annually in scholarships for study abroad programs.

To find a program perfect for you, visit the Study Abroad website or visit their office at 1620 Melrose Ave.

Conduct Research—Students can apply for funding to do summer research with UT faculty. You can work on a team of students, earn academic credit or find an available internship with a research component.

Many students participate in research experiences to explore their passion. You can also use research to marry a favorite hobby with your major. Don’t think engineering and paintball mix? You can actually conduct research in material science about what goes into making paintballs.

Research experiences give students an edge in interviews and are beneficial qualifications for graduate school.

While you can conduct research right here in Knoxville, there are also opportunities available abroad. For more information about undergraduate research experiences, visit the Undergraduate Research website

Be free and enjoy Knoxville—If you want to stay in Knoxville this summer and just relax, you can enjoy the great music scene, the Smoky Mountains or simply hang out by the UT pool.

For more information about summer opportunities in UT, visit the Summer Sessions website.