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UTPD awards
Those honored during the UT Police Department's 2016 employee awards ceremony were: Corporal Lindsey Miller, community service officer of the year; Mike Marcum, non-commissioned staff member of the year; Chief of Police Troy Lane; Corporal Tim Cutwright, officer of the year; and Lieutenant Jim Underwood, supervisor of the year.

The UT Police Department held its annual employee awards on Thursday to recognize members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The following employees were honored:

Lieutenant Jim Underwood—Supervisor of the Year. Department administrators said Underwood seamlessly transitioned from a member of the night shift squad to day shift commander this year. He has taken on additional supervisory and administrative duties. He has also helped implement the department’s new records management system. “Jim’s work ethic, attitude, and commitment to the department are evident and he is a great role model for all of our supervisors,” his nominator wrote.

Corporal Tim Cutwright—Commissioned Officer of the Year. Cutwright’s nominator submitted a thank-you note received from a person who received a traffic ticket from Cutwright. “I was incredibly impressed with your professionalism and patience as you talked me through the process and made it educational and informative,” that person wrote. “Glad to have officers like yourself working with our students—helping them learn and grow and be responsible citizens.” Cutwright received praise for setting personal goals to help create safer streets for motorists and pedestrians. “Some may believe that because we are in a university setting where our injuries from crashes are low that this type of attitude is not needed,” his nominator wrote. “But Corporal Cutwright believes if you can change someone’s behavior toward their own traffic safety here it may save their life somewhere else.”

Corporal Lindsey Miller—Community Service Award. Miller, who won the same award last year, is a Rape Aggression Defense coordinator and lead instructor, and also serves as lead instructor on other community outreach trainings. A colleague who worked with Miller at summer orientation noted how well she engaged with freshmen and their parents. “I had parents approach me after several of the sessions and make very positive comments about the professionalism and honesty in her presentation.”

Information Technology Administrator Mike Marcum—Noncommissioned Employee of the Year.  A 20-year UT employee, Marcum began working with the UT Police Department in his current capacity in February. “Mike hit the ground running at UTPD the day he started,” a colleague wrote in nominating him for the award. During the implementation of the new records management system, Marcum made suggestions that increased efficiency, saved money, and improved connectivity. “Mike goes far beyond ‘just doing his job.’ If the slightest hint exists that a situation may be tech-related, Mike quickly researches the situation and provides input and often an immediate resolution,” his nominator wrote. “Mike is not afraid to speak up and provide valuable input. He also takes the time to explain technical issues to nontechnical staff in a way that is easily understood.”

Each year, department members are encouraged to nominate fellow employees for various awards. Recommendations from the general public also are heavily weighed.


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