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Roberto Federico-Perez
Roberto Federico-Perez

A UT doctoral candidate will have a hand in organizing an international event on sustainable science. Roberto Federico-Perez was chosen to help coordinate the 2017 International Symposium on Green Chemistry.

The symposium aims to change deeply held practices in the field of chemistry. Traditionally, scientists have thought the risks of chemicals depend on how they are used and not on their structure or composition. Green chemistry counteracts this idea by pushing an alternative approach. It challenges scientists to make chemicals that are safer by design.

“Many will say that chemistry has become a source of problems. However, green chemistry is all about how the central science is actually the solution,” said Federico-Perez, who is based in the UT Department of Chemistry.

Federico-Perez was selected for the 2017 conference organizing committee after participating in a green chemistry and sustainable energy summer school, which introduced him to the Network of Early-career Sustainable Scientists and Engineers. He will represent the group in planning the fourth annual symposium, to be held in May in Rochelle, France.

Federico-Perez is the first from UT to participate in the event’s organization.

The conference committee is made up of 17 people from all over the world—representing countries including the United States, Japan, France, and Germany—who split the organizational tasks among themselves. Much of Federico-Perez’s duties include promoting the event to young chemistry professionals like himself.

“Our purpose is to target early-career professionals, integrating sessions into the event that are relevant for their career development and networking,” he said.

Additionally, he will help promote the event on early career professionals’ various media, including a website, a blog, and social media.

“The 2017 conference is the perfect interdisciplinary platform to exchange the most recent advancements in the field, meet experts in public and private sectors, and network with the growing community of green chemistry,” he said. “Over 800 attendees are expected to share their knowledge in multiple sessions.”

The conference will feature topics ranging from networking and education to renewable carbon and alternative solvents. For more information on the symposium, visit the website.


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