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A new end of course evaluation system for students to provide feedback to instructors will be used this fall.

The new survey includes 14 core questions—eight to be answered with 1-to-5 ranking,  two open-ended, and four multiple choice questions to provide demographic information about the student. Short lists of additional questions will automatically be added for online courses, labs, courses with a teaching assistant or peer mentor (if they appear in Banner), and courses with a discussion or recitation component.

The Campus Labs survey delivery system opened this week so faculty can log into Campus Labs to review their class rosters and the end of course evaluation question sets that have been assigned to each class.

Students will be able to complete the course evaluations between November 14 and December 2.

The transition from the old Student Assessment of Instruction Survey (SAIS) system to a new system began two years ago when a taskforce of faculty, staff, and students recommended building a simpler survey to replace SAIS. Last spring, in a test run, the new system was used by about three hundred faculty members and about five thousand students. Based on the results of that pilot, adjustments were made to prepare for this fall’s roll-out of the new system.

Final work is underway on a new policy that will standardize how the end of course evaluations are given and how their results are used. The new policy will address the way instructors administer the survey, as well as how the results should be used in evaluating faculty.