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UT’s Haslam College of Business will host nearly a thousand first-year business students September 9 from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. in Thompson-Boling Arena for “Haslam Engaged,” an experiential team building and learning event.

The event will begin with students gathering on the arena floor before dividing into smaller groups. Upperclassmen in the Haslam College of Business will lead the team building exercises.

One of those exercises, the blind lineup, asks students to line up by height with their eyes closed and without speaking. Another asks them to cross an imaginary river using only one pair of “magic shoes.” The exercises become progressively more challenging as the program goes on.

Lane Morris
Lane Morris

“The inaugural event is intended to make first-year students feel welcomed, included and valued,” said Lane Morris, associate dean of undergraduate programs and student affairs. “We are extremely excited about offering this rewarding experiential learning event for our first-year business students. Our faculty and staff will be in attendance as well to show their support.”

The event is part of the college’s required first-year course—Business Administration 100—Inclusion: Becoming an Engaged Leader in a Diverse Community.

“The course is a critical component of our retention and graduation efforts that also provides an opportunity for first-year students to be in a class comprised entirely of fellow business students,” said Morris.

Goals of the first-year seminar include integrating students into both UT and the Haslam College of Business, helping students develop strategies for success in both college and life, and enabling students to become engaged leaders in a diverse community.

All students will receive lunch and a T-shirt.


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