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The Center for Physical Activity and Health is seeking faculty, staff, and students who want to better understand their health to participate in body composition and aerobic testing.

Body composition testing
A participant uses the center’s bod pod to gauge body fat and lean mass percentages.

All testing is performed at the exercise physiology lab in the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Building.

“The body composition testing can provide precise baseline information for people hoping to lose weight,” said Eugene Fitzhugh, director of the center. “Our aerobic performance testing can help people who want to take their training plans, be it running or cycling, to the next level.”

The Body composition testing includes the following:

  • a bod pod, which uses air displacement to measure body density and is used to calculate body fat and lean mass percentages
  • skin folds, which use skinfold calipers to measure tissue on multiple sites on the body
  • bioelectrical resistance, which estimates body fat by measuring the resistance of a small electrical current flowing from hand to hand or foot to foot
  • resting metabolic rate, which measures the rate at which your body burns calories at rest

The Aerobic performance testing includes the following:

  • VO2max, which measures maximal aerobic capacity on a treadmill
  • lactate threshold, which determines an individual’s exercise intensity and when their body begins to accumulate lactic acid in the blood
  • a submax bike, which monitors an individual’s heart rate on an exercise bike

“With each test, the center also provides counseling and recommendations on how to best use your results,” added Ashlyn Schwartz, a graduate assistant for the center.

The tests range from a few minutes to one hour. Discounted prices are offered to faculty, staff, and students.

For more information on testing and prices, call 865-974-6040.


Ashlyn Schwartz (865-974-6040,

Tyra Haag (865-974-5460,