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On July 5, the Information Security Office enabled the campus information security awareness training program called “Securing the Human.” Securing the Human is an online computer-based program that provides faculty and staff with information to engage in effective information security behavior.

The Office of Information Technology, by way of SANS, will be sending an e-mail to all faculty and staff containing the link to the security training web page. The e-mail will come from If you have Clutter enabled on your Office365 E-mail account, there’s a chance that the e-mail will end up in the Clutter folder.

The Security Awareness program consists of a number of videos that cover specific security topics. The videos range from one to five minutes and are intended to influence user behavior that will reduce security risks. Users are allowed to complete the training at their own pace, monitor their progress, and revisit completed training. Upon completion, the user will receive a security awareness training certificate. For more information about this program, visit the Securing the Human website.